The Red Belt System

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What Is The Red Belt System?

Built on the back of over 10,000 hours of personal training & hundreds of satisfied customers, the Red Belt System was developed as a way to systemise muscle building, increasing strength and dropping body fat.

With clear, objective goals personalised to each client’s unique starting point, the system is designed to keep your eyes always looking ahead at the next goal.

All you need to do is level up the Belt System and you will see your body transform.

White Belt

In White Belt you will learn the foundations which will serve you for the remainder of your training life.

Start sculpting your body by dropping excess body fat and gaining lean muscle mass. With rigorous attention to exercise technique and nutritional guidance, your body transformation is truly underway.

Yellow Belt

By achieving Yellow Belt you will have dropped most of, if not all of your excess body fat and gained your first kilos of lean muscle mass. 

Green Belt

By this tier you will have definitely lost all of your excess body fat and now the focus intensifies towards increasing strength and muscle size. Your coach will start building up your calories in a controlled manner which will allow you to maintain a lean physique whilst growing muscle.

Blue Belt

Raise the intensity and start hitting new personal bests in your strength lifts and fitness efforts. To avoid plateaus, your coach will adapt your plan along your journey to ensure progress is linear and results are optimal.

Black Belt

Master every rep, set and session to advance your training to a point where you have become an expert in the gym environment. Because of your hard work, self-discipline, and perseverance you will have now fully transformed your body and as a consequence live a much more balanced, healthy life.

Red Belt

Attain the Ultimate Physique and enter our Red Belt Hall of Fame. By achieving this amazing feat your body will have completely transformed throughout your journey and you will be the strongest, fittest and fastest you have ever been. 

Do you have what it takes to get to Red Belt?

How does the System Work?

We know that competition and goal setting gets the best results for our clients. Everybody starts at White Belt and levels up by hitting clear, objective goals along the way to achieving the ultimate Red Belt.

To level up each belt tier, you must pass the 5 stripes at each level. By having set checkpoints along the way, the Red Belt Fitness system creates an environment that pushes you to progress.

By progressing through the Belt Tiers, you will build lean muscle mass, increase strength and drop body fat.



The Stripes

You have 5 Stripes to complete in each belt tier. Each stripe will force you to increase your strength, improve your technique and build up your fitness.

The 5 stripes are divided into the 4 body movement patterns and 1 cardio element to ensure total body symmetry and balanced fitness.

Your coach will set out clear goals of what you need to achieve at each level. By simply working toward each stripe you will build muscle, drop body fat and see your body transform.



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