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“The biggest change of my life.”
Lost 13% body fat in 12 weeks.


 “In just 12 weeks I saw a massive transformation in not only my body, but my mood and energy too. Thank you Red Belt!”
Lost 8% body fat and gained 4kg muscle.


What I have achieved with Red Belt in 12 weeks is more than I have done on my own in the past 3 years.”
Lost 8% body fat and gained 5kg of muscle.


“Gaining strength and reducing body fat as fast as possible. The results are nothing short of amazing. The amount of people that have commented on how good I look. But it’s how good I feel that I’m most grateful for.”
Lost 6kg body fat and gained 5kg muscle


“Leonard has been the first trainer I’ve had that genuinely cares about his clients as opposed to making an extra dollar. Leonard spent time adjusting my technique to ensure I was safe and made a diet plan that allowed to me keep eating the foods I love.”
Lost 6kg body fat and gained 4kg muscle


Before and after body transformation male Indian

“It’s so simple with Red Belt. I know exactly what to do in the gym, how to progress my strength, how to get my nutrition dialled. All you got to do is follow the plan and you will get results. Thank you Red Belt!”
14kg lost and gained 4kg muscle


Personalised Training Program

No matter where you’re starting from or your current fitness level, you’ll receive a personalised program suited to your goals and experience.

You’ll meet your coach on day 1 to discuss your goals, preferences, and any constraints you may have. We like to leave nothing to chance and will design a program completely tailored to you.

Nutrition Plan

You’ll receive a tailored nutrition plan with a full macro breakdown meaning you’ll know exactly what to eat and when to eat to it.  

Plus, you’ll have the option to swap any meals in and out of your plan with a selection of 200+ tasty, high-protein recipes, making dieting more enjoyable and helping you stay on track.

Nutrition Meal Plan with calorie and protein requirements and many different recipes to choose from

Around The Clock Support

Ask any questions you have about training and nutrition through the chat in the Red Belt App.

You can message me anytime, anywhere. I am here with you every step of the way.

Then, once a week, you’ll have accountability calls to keep you on the right track and to adapt the plan as you progress.

Everything In One App

Get access to all of the Red Belt App features including:

  • 200+ Exercise Demonstrations
  • 24/7 Coach Support/ Messaging
  • Weekly Check-ins With Your Coach
  • Nutrition Tracking
  • Technique Breakdowns
  • Health Data Tracking (Sync your Whoop, Apple Watch/ FitBit/ Garmin)

Become a Red Belt Fitness™ Success Story

How 33 year old Account Executive Marcus Transformed His Life

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How 30 year old Software Engineer Peter Got In The Best Shape Of His Life

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How 39 year old Project Manager Ron Got Down To 10% Body Fat

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How 33 year old Account Executive Marcus Transformed His Life

How 30 year old Software Engineer Peter Got In The Best Shape Of His Life

10% Body Fat at 39: How Project Manager Ron Transformed His Life

What our clients had to say on Google:

Luke Burns
Luke Burns
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My trainer is honestly the best! I have only been extremely satisfied by the team at Red Belt as they have assisted me into becoming a regular gym goer. I’ve always struggled to get into the rhythm of attending the gym regularly, but my trainer has been extremely understanding of my personal circumstances, extremely flexible with communication and consistently assists in pushing my motivation to the max. I’ve been extremely happy with the ease of use of the app, the very detailed and targeted workouts and the communication from my trainer. Very happy with everything!!! My gym membership would definitely just be sitting there if it wasn’t for me signing up with Red Belt.
Simon Cusack
Simon Cusack
Read More
Great training programs! I had recently got back into the gym after a couple years out and I needed a bit of structure to my training. They personalised a program to my situation and goals and I started seeing results within a few weeks. Would recommend, and very friendly team.
Sebastian Gee
Sebastian Gee
Read More
Red Belt is the number one go to for training. My trainer has given me incredible results, working with me on workout programming, meal planning, and adapting to my fitness goals in the most optimal way. Week after week I am seeing significant progress in the gym, and not only this, my day to day wellbeing has been uplifted in such a positive way.
Luke Di Stefano
Luke Di Stefano
Read More
I've had an excellent experience using Red Belt Fitness. Using this service, I have made positive changes to my lifestyle and am on track to reaching my goals. My trainer is an excellent teacher/mentor and was active every step of the way. They were able to customize a plan around my needs, and I began seeing positive results very quickly. Before I started using Red Belt Fitness I really struggled with motivation. I was extremely inconsistent with my weight training, and would give up after a month or so. My trainer really helped me at unlocking that motivation, and has guided me through my fitness journey every step of the way. Highly recommend 🙂
Paavo Frank
Paavo Frank
Read More
Red Belt have helped me greatly with my training. My trainer has taught me how to do exercises correctly so I can now feel my muscles much more when I workout. This is really important for me as I wanted to learn how to train safely and not get injured. For anyone looking to build muscle I would highly recommend Red Belt!
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Fantastic programs, informative and supportive coaches and just lovely people! I signed up half expecting to stop like most of my fitness programs but the willingness to respond to my every 'silly' fitness question really inspired me to continue and now I am 6 months in. Programs are simple but work each muscle group intensely. Could not recommend these lads any higher!
Adriano Carvalho-Mora
Adriano Carvalho-Mora
Read More
Fantastic service. Red Belt has given me everything I need to kick-start my fitness and stay on track. I feel healthier, happier and more energised than ever before!
Alex Poe
Alex Poe
Read More
Excellent trainer and experience! Great programs and more importantly great accountability. Also really pushes you at the gym without being too in your face about it. Dropped 15kg with Len so far and know the last few are on their way off!
Jim Badans
Jim Badans
Read More
These guys are the best in the business. Leonard really knows his stuff. He helped me lose 12 kgs and I didn't even have to give up beer or chocolate!
Renato Lages
Renato Lages
Read More
"My Red Belt Trainer not only takes the time to get to know me to understand how he can push me to be the best version of myself but also tailoring my training based on my needs/goals. I appreciate how approachable he is and how his professionalism is based with his knowledge and experience. It’s very easy to find a trainer that won’t challenge or care about your journey and Red Belt does exactly the opposite. Every since I started training with Red Belt, I have improved strength and technique on my training, guaranteeing a result that got me beyond happy. The transformation was visible quite quick and that helped me build the confidence I needed to keep investing on myself and challenge to go further. Red Belt will give you the right tools for you to achieve your fitness goals. They are most certainly helping me to achieve mine… absolutely recommend them 1000%

Our guarantee is simple: If you don’t get a body transformation you’re happy with, you’ll get all your money back OR we’ll coach you for FREE until you do.

We’ve helped over 1,000 men get into the best shape of their lives, and we know that we can do the same for you.

What’s the catch? All you’ve got to do is implement the plan we set and and we guarantee a 12-week transformation.

We are that confident in what we do and that is our Transformation Guarantee.

How it Works

1. In your initial goal-setting session, we will deep dive and ask a series of questions to help understand your unique circumstances and outline the goals you want to achieve.

2. Then, we formulate a 12 week action plan customised to you, outlining the exact steps that you need to take to reach your goals.

3. All you have to do is implement the plan we set, and we guarantee a 12-week transformation. If you don’t get a body transformation you’re happy with, you’ll get all your money back OR we’ll coach you for for FREE until you do. 


What is included in Online Training?

Tailored Workout Program

Dependent on your experience, gym equipment access, current situation and goals your coach will tailor a Training Program and adapted it every 4 weeks to make sure you are progressing and staying on track to your goals.

Custom Meal Plan + Macro Breakdown

Detailed nutrition plan with a complete macro breakdown to optimise your body’s fuelling and muscle building.

With over 200+ delicious, high protein recipes within our app, you’ll be able to swap meals in and out and complete flexibility with how you diet. 

Prefer to skip cooking? Your coach can factor in any of your favourite meal prep services to suit your preferences.

Plus, when you’re dining out, just snap a photo of the menu and your coach will guide you on the best options whilst you can focus on enjoying your night out.

Weekly Accountability Calls with Coach

Receive regular personalised feedback from your coach during a weekly 1-on-1 session. This ensures you stay on track towards your goals, providing an opportunity to discuss progress, address concerns, and refine your training and nutrition plan.

Around the Clock Support

Ask your coach any question, anytime, anywhere.

Not sure what to do after an accidental weekend blow out? Your Red Belt Coach will outline exactly what to do to get back on track.

Stopped seeing any progress in the gym? Your coach will breakdown exactly what you need to do.

Missed a training session? All is not lost and your coach will instruct you on exactly what to do stay on track to your 12 week goal.

Video Technique Breakdown

Technique is important to ensure that you get the most out of each exercise and preventing injuries. Video recordings of your technique are assessed and broken down by your coach to ensure that you have correct technique from day 1.

For example, if you are not sure how to squat, your coach will break down your technique frame by frame so you can get the right feedback and learn exactly how to perform the movement correctly and safely. Many clients prefer this in comparison to an in-person Personal Trainer as it can be hard to take in the feedback when they are mid-exercise, fatigued and in a busy gym environment. Video breakdown allows you to take your time, watch yourself from another perspective and have the exact feedback for you to improve and perfect your technique.

Access to all the Red Belt App Features

The Red Belt App has an extensive set of features that help you to track your training progress, nutrition, steps, sleep and stress. You can sync up your Apple Watch, Fitbit or Garvin Device. Your trainer can then use this information to prioritise habits that matter, shape the choices you make and get you to your goals.

You get full access your Fitness Library. 100+ Exercise Demonstrations performed and added voice-over by a Red Belt Trainer to make sure you know exactly how to perform the exercises we prescribe.

Whenever you travel your coach will amend your plan to the equipment you have available regardless of whether it’s a commercial gym, hotel gym or a backyard. Regardless of your situation, your coach is here to make sure you stay on track to reach your long term goals.

In terms of holidays, you will have the option to pause your coaching whilst away in order to not lose weeks of your program. Alternatively, your coach can work with you to adapt your program to the circumstances of your travel plans.

What level of Coach Support will I get?

Your coach is there with you every step of the way, providing continuous support and monitoring your progress to ensure you stay on track and achieve your goals each week. If you encounter any challenges or schedule changes, your coach will work closely with you to find solutions, ensuring you stay on track to your goal.

You’ll meet once a week in a 1-on-1 session to give you that accountability and to provide an opportunity to discuss progress, address concerns, and refine your training and nutrition plan.

Plus if you every feel unsure about anything, you’ll be able to message your coach anytime, anywhere in the coach chat with the app.

Rest assure, your coach will give you all the support you need to achieve your goals. 

Is this service available internationally?

Yes, absolutely. If you have an internet connection, you can use our app to access your training program, message your coach and log your workouts and nutrition. In fact, we provide many remote working/ travelling/ digit nomad clients with our services world-wide. As long as you have access to internet connection, we can adjust your plan to the gym equipment you have available.

What happens with travel or holidays/ vacations?

Whenever you travel your coach will amend your plan to the equipment you have available regardless of whether it’s a commercial gym, hotel gym or a backyard. Regardless of your situation, your coach is here to make sure you stay on track to reach your long term goals. In terms of holidays, you will have the option to pause your coaching whilst away in order to not lose weeks of your program. Alternatively, your coach can work with you to adapt your program to the circumstances of your travel plans.

Do I need to follow a meal plan to get results?

We like starting off our clients with a meal plan to help them gain structure, but once we feel you are competent and are able to swap the correct foods in and out of the plan, we encourage more food variety as it is unrealistic to follow the same meal plan for the rest of your life. 

Do I need access to a gym?

No, we will work with you to design your program based on what you have available regardless of whether it’s a commercial gym, hotel gym or a backyard. This is common for many of our travelling/ remote working customers who might not have access to a gym for a while. We customise and adapt your training program to make sure that you stay on track to your long term goal.

Do you help me with my medical conditions / injuries?

As this is an online service we are not in a position to diagnose injuries. We advise that you get advice on any injuries from a professional before starting your training program. Medical advice is not a part of our service. Our training programs work towards building muscle and strength and dropping body fat but they are not intended as a replacement for personalised medical advice. However, if you work with your medical professional and they give you the green light to exercise, then we will work with you and your medical professional to personalise your training program accordingly.


If it’s an old injury, then feel free to tell your Coach what you can or cannot do, and they will do their best to work around the injury and avoid re-injury and causing any kind of pain during workouts. We do not advice that you should, under any circumstances, work through pain or push past limits. So always train mindfully, advise if you need any kind of plan adjustments.

How many days per week is the Training Program?

This depends on your availability and how many times per week you are able and willing to go to the Gym. Between 3-5 Weight Sessions per week is enough to see great improvements in strength and muscle size.  

How will I be able to improve my Exercise Technique with an Online Trainer? (Video Technique Recordings)
Submit up to 5 Video Recordings a week of yourself performing any exercise to your coach and in your Weekly Overviews. Your Coach will break down exactly what areas need work on and what you need to do to improve.
Pop your phone up against a Water Bottle, or on a Tripod, or get a friend to record the 5 exercises that you need the most help with for that week. Once you send them to your Trainer, your Trainer will analyse exactly where you need to make improvements and send this feedback over to you via a Screen Recording plus sending notes to recap the key areas to improve. You will then have this video of your trainer analysing your technique on screen for you to look back at whenever you are unsure of how to do the movement. 
After over 10 years of Personal Training, we have found video analysis to be a far better form of technique correction than on the Gym Floor as a 1-1 Personal Trainer. This allows you to fully take in the information and to see on video exactly where you need to improve to better your form.

Online Personal Training. Video technique breakdown shoulder raise with coach.



To get started, simply click the button below.

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Complete the form, then pick a time for a chat with one of our team.

In this call we will design a free 12 week action plan for you based on your current situation and goals. 

The action plan is free regardless of whether you use our services or not so there is zero risk of you applying.

“Excellent trainer and experience! Great programs and more importantly great accountability!”
Lost 17kg


Before and after body transformation 40 year old male

“I could never have anticipated the results he has helped me achieve over just a few weeks”
Lost 5% body fat


“The results have been impressive and when I look at the progress pictures I’m still surprised how my body has changed with the right meal plan and work out regime.”
Lost 10kg an gained 3kg muscle



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